Aside from the many operational challenges posed by this pandemic, there’s the significant human challenge too. Employees will have been affected by COVID-19 in different ways; some will have experienced sickness, others may have lost a loved one or struggled with juggling work and home life.

Never has the role of supporting employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing been so critical.

Never has the challenge faced in delivering that wellbeing been so great.

By making the wellbeing of your employees a priority, it is an opportunity to rethink wellbeing strategies in the face of the ongoing crisis and adapt to the evolving and complex needs of employees in a way that improves engagement, enhances culture and builds trust.

Laya healthcare’s first HR Leader’s Playbook, the focus of which is supporting employees in their return to the workplace.  This is a unique document that they have created, which forms part of a series of Playbooks that will be available to you throughout the remainder of 2020.

Download Brave New Era Playbook -CARE July 2020

As always, CUMA’s EAP with Laya is available to all CUMA members. Contact for further details.