• A Company Ad (logo and contact details) included on all promotional material including event brochure, issued in all booking emails to all CUMA members and placed within the Exhibitor Service Directory section on the CUMA website.
  • Your Company Logo and participating support included on our social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter)
  • Your logo included on various holding slides between sessions and the Q&A sessions throughout the seminar
  • Inclusion of a 45 second advertisement / video clip* of your company that will be circulated on our social media platforms and also issued in our CUMA newsletters to all members
  • Option to do a “takeover” on the CUMA Instagram page and / or feature on CUMA’s Instagram TV (IGTV) section
  • Link to attend the event
  • Your submitted video will also be posted to all CUMA social media channels and links to it included in our newsletter / bulletin to the full CUMA membership after the event.
  • Inclusion of A4 page (maximum) content/ad from your company in the event brochure that accompanies event slides and the full event brochure.
  • Listing of attendee’s post event with contact emails (only those who consent to allow their email to be passed on will be provided).

*PLEASE NOTE the advertisement / video clip / recording should not be longer than 45 seconds in duration. It is the exhibitor / company responsibility to provide the end-result recording, designed with your own branding and fully ready for CUMA to utilise in MP4 format.

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