Time. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. You can waste time, but you can’t create it. Using time wisely has always been important, whether in business or in our personal lives. While we can’t stop time, we can save it. Time saved is time that can be spent with the people you care about, doing the things that matter. By making processes more efficient and reducing transaction times, you can give time back to let staff focus on your members. And your members don’t want to waste their time waiting in line. Every minute matters – for your Credit Union, for your staff and your members. Make them count.


Using time wisely

Tellers are under pressure. Pressure to serve members efficiently and deliver the customer experience that sets your Credit Union above your competitors. Counting and authenticating cash requires concentration. This means less time to focus on the member. Do you want your tellers to be heads down counting or would it improve the experience for your customers if they have the time to engage with them? By automating the cash handling processes at the teller line, you will save each teller in the branch up to 78 minutes per day after deploying TCR solutions. Shift opening and closing processes are also reduced by up to 30mins per teller.


More time to uncover opportunities

Time spent in the back office is time spent away from members. Members are the revenue generators for every financial institution. Cash automation solutions will dramatically reduce the time spent counting cash in in the back office. From banknote sorters to coin counters and wrappers, cash automation solutions enable your staff to maximise the time they spend with the people who matter most – your members.


Staff throughout the branch have targets that must be met. In many cases these include new product sales. Automation of cash processes across the branch gives staff more time to focus on members, changing transactions into interactions. Ensuring tellers have the right tools to perform their role in a safe environment they are now able to better engage with members and uncover the right products for their needs. Many Glory customers have seen an increase in staff productivity of more than 10% after deployment of TCR’s.


Your members’ time is precious

Nobody has ever liked standing in line. And COVID-19 has made everyone even more aware of the importance physical distancing and time spent in close proximity to other people. Paying in and withdrawing cash isn’t something your customers want to do, it’s something they have to do. They’re time pressed and want to get back to their day. Teller cash recyclers reduce customer waiting time at the teller by 25%-40%. By saving members time, their experience becomes more positive. Positive experiences grow stronger relationships and, ultimately, more profitable members.


Now is the time to automate your cash processes

Wherever you are on your cash automation journey – just starting out, working with outdated cash deposit terminals or last generation recyclers – now is the time to move forward to the latest technology. Give time back to your staff and to your customers. Deliver a better in-branch experience and enhance the profitability of your branch network.


For more information about GLORY and how we can help every minute matter for you and your members, please visit our website or contact our Sales Director David O’Meara

Author: Paul Race. Glory, VP of Strategic Marketing