CUMA and Key Service Providers

The Credit Union Management Association (CUMA) is the representative body for professional senior management teams of credit unions in Ireland. We highly value the efforts and continued support of our key service providers in exhibiting at our Spring, Autumn and one day specialist training events. 

Our events enable exhibitors to interact with members of credit union management teams, other exhibitors and guest speakers throughout the event, thus saving valuable time. By attending our events not only are our exhibitors exposed to marketing and networking opportunities, but it is also a perfect opportunity to follow up with your existing credit union clients, and the key decision makers in the credit union.

Our exhibitor offerings are not limited to our events, CUMA has a lot of opportunities to offer – be sure to check them out below!

EXHIBITOR Opportunities

Benefits of Exhibiting

Exposure to CUMA members, other exhibitors and guest speakers
Advertising opportunities through CUMA Events, website and social media or promotional content
Networking opportunities with various working professionals
Social engagement and interaction through CUMA events
Opportunity to showcase your blog posts or news directly to credit union CEOs and management teams
Opportunity to feature in CUMA’s online exhibitor directory in the “Exhibitor Services Directory” section of the website