1. What’s Included in the cost of €1,850?

Exhibition Stand:
6 Foot Table – The exhibition space is strictly to be kept within the confines of the 6 foot allocated space ie. the display table. Extending your display, banners, back-drops and any branded material to the left and right of the table is prohibited. CUMA reserves the right to ask any exhibitor in breach of this condition to adhere to their allocated space ONLY. If your display banners, display walls, pull-ups or backdrops go over the 6 foot allocated space, you may be asked to take it down.
White linen cloth
Power Supply
2 Chairs
Company identification sign (logo)

Access to all lunches & tea breaks for the duration of the conference, alongside delegates
2 Gala Dinner tickets (exhibitors only)
Mailing list of all attendees post conference
Company name & logo on CUMA website
Exhibitor listing & contact details in conference brochure

Note: Cost does not include provision of screens or other IT equipment stands. Contact Bernard Coyle BC Enterprises on 087 256 5499 with any queries.


  1. Space Assignment

Allocation of available space will be made on a first come, first served basis at the sole discretion of CUMA after all the contracts and fees are received by CUMA. CUMA reserves the right to move a stand if deemed necessary. CUMA will make every effort not to locate direct competitors next to or directly across from each other and to accommodate the wishes of the exhibitor if possible. CUMA has the right to determine the eligibility of any exhibitor and reserves the sole control over admission. These terms and regulations are established for the mutual protection of CUMA and the exhibitor. Exhibitors agree not to assign or sublet the whole or any portion of the booth space covered by this contract except to an affiliate. No two companies of different ownership or distinction may share a single exhibition stand.


  1. Cancellation or Withdrawal

All cancellations must be received in writing by CUMA no later than three weeks prior to the conference (Monday 20th August). No refunds in whole or in part will be made for cancellations received after this time.


  1. Stand Set – Up

  • Set up may begin at 6pm on Monday, 10th of September 2018. For those that cannot make it on Monday, you will be allowed to set up Tuesday morning from 7:30am. It is essential that all exhibits be completed and in place one hour before registration (9am).
  • Signs, rails, materials, etc. will not be permitted to intrude into or over aisles or obstruct other exhibits. Standing in the aisle in front of the other exhibitors for advertising/soliciting purposes, or in any other way obstructing other exhibitors is prohibited. Sound and other noises, other than normal speaking levels, should not disturb other exhibitors.
  • The exhibition space is strictly to be kept within the confines of the 6 foot allocated space ie. the display table. Extending your display, banners, back-drops and any branded material to the left and right of the table is prohibited.
  • CUMA reserves the right to ask any exhibitor in breach of this condition to adhere to their allocated space ONLY.


  1. Exhibitor Representatives

Each exhibitor organisation must name one main contact to be its official representative in all dealings with CUMA. At least one person must be at the exhibition stand during conference hours. Two people will be permitted for each exhibition stand purchased.
Individuals over the two permitted under the contract will be at an additional cost of €200.00 per additional person. This price does not include accommodation but does include access to all lunches & tea breaks and entry to the Gala Dinner.


  1. Conduct

Exhibitors agree to treat all convention attendees with courtesy and not to discriminate against any person for any reason.
If CUMA determines the conduct of an exhibitor or its employees, is not in keeping with the character of the exhibition, CUMA may terminate the contract.


  1. Solicitation by Non- Exhibitors

Persons connected with any non-exhibiting organisations are prohibited from any dealing, soliciting, or exhibiting within the exhibit area or conference facilities. CUMA will not permit any company or organisation without an allocated exhibition stand to send representatives for the purpose of selling or establishing contacts. Participating exhibitors are urged to report any violations of this rule to CUMA staff immediately.


  1. Insurance

CUMA will exercise reasonable care for the protection of exhibitors’ materials and displays.

The exhibitor, on signing the contract, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, against any and all claims for any loss, damage, or injury caused solely by exhibitor. Exhibitors desiring to carry specific insurance on their exhibits, or special security precautions, should arrange for it at their own expense. Exhibitors shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and hold harmless CUMA against
any and all loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense arising from any accident or other
occurrence to anyone, including the exhibitor, its employees, agents, business entities, or
assignees, which arise from or out of said exhibitor’s occupancy. Any use of acoustical
materials, plastic cloths or any other similar materials generally considered to be easily ignited
shall be flame retardant. Aisles and exits must be kept clear and free of obstructions for safety of all persons. CUMA may terminate contract if the premises where the convention is to be housed is destroyed, damaged, fails to take place as scheduled, relocated, interrupted, discontinued, or access to the premises is prevented or interfaced with by reason of strike, lockout, injunction, act of war, act of God, emergency declared by any government agency, of for any other reason. In the event of such termination, exhibitor waives any and all damages and claims for damages, and agrees that the
sole liability of CUMA shall return the exhibitor’s space to exhibitor, if so requested in writing by exhibitor. In no event, will exhibitor be liable for any indirect consequential, special, or punitive damages or for loss of goodwill.


  1. At the Conference

  • Full conference brochure will be made available to all exhibitors prior to the event which will detail all break and lunch times.
  • There are no seating restrictions at the CUMA conference. Lunch times and the gala dinner are prime networking opportunities outside of the numerous tea/ coffee breaks where you will be meeting the delegates anyway.
  • As with previous events, exhibitors have given various spot prizes to form part of the pre-gala dinner activities. Please note this is optional. If you do wish to provide a prize this must be notified to a member of the CUMA team in advance of the conference.
  • Throughout the course of the event, the CUMA team will be onsite to deal with any conference related queries you may have.
  • All sessions are open for you to attend, with the exception, from time to time where closed sessions will be clearly marked on the agenda or announced within the conference. CUMA would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


  1. Post Show – Stand Dismantling

Early dismantling is disruptive to the conference therefore, CUMA would ask exhibitors to only start dismantling exhibition stands after the first morning Tea Break on Wednesday 12th September.


Note: All payments must be received by CUMA in full by Monday 6th August 2018. Payments not received and cleared by this date will result in the company’s exhibition stand ticket being withdrawn.


Should you have any questions or queries, please contact Lisa or Laura on 062 262 44 or at [email protected]