Upcoming Events

Every year, CUMA provides professional development training and networking opportunities for its members through various seminars, workshops and conferences. Be sure to check out any of our upcoming events below!


Your needs, your role and your credit union are an integral part of framing CUMA’s ongoing training plans. We utilise various mechanisms in delivering a professional standard of training. These include interactive workshops, specialist seminars, collaborative approach to sectoral issues and notably our larger flagship conferences which take place every Spring and Autumn.

Event Opportunities

CUMA events offer delegates an opportunity to engage socially and access expert speakers on a range of relevant topics. We strive to deliver a high calibre of content and speakers at all our events. Key service providers continue to support CUMA in exhibiting at our Spring and Autumn conferences. This grants our members exposure to a wide selection of companies and their services at the one venue, thus saving valuable time!
Our CUMA membership offers valuable networking opportunities throughout the year whether it’s at a small local manager meeting, or our larger extensive conferences. Regardless the type of event, our members continually benefit, both socially and professionally.

Digital Events

CUMA’s digital events offer our members the availability of professional development training conducted through webinars, video-conferences and other forms of digital workshops. This enables our members to interact, share their experiences or difficulties in real-time through online means. You can now avail of knowledge, expert advice and specially designed training in accordance with best practice guidance, regulation and legislation without the travel expenses!