The Central Bank of Ireland has today (17 April 2015) published a consultation (CP93) entitled ‘Central Credit Register’ (CCR).

The Credit Reporting Act 2013 mandates the Central Bank to establish, maintain and operate the CCR.  The development of the CCR is an important financial sector reform contributing to financial stability and consumer protection, which will have implications for lenders and borrowers.

The consultation seeks views on a number of matters on which the Central Bank has some discretion when CCR regulations are being made.  These primarily relate to the phasing of implementation of the CCR and include:

  • Reporting of borrowers to the CCR;
  • Reporting by  lenders to the CCR;
  • Collection of credit application data;
  • First point of reporting of credit agreements to the CCR;
  • Extent of historic data to be collected;
  • Single borrower view – accurately identifying CISs;
  • Collection of foreign credit data;
  • Collection of guarantor data;
  • Levies and fees.

The Central Bank welcomes comments and views from all interested parties.

Submissions are invited from interested parties by 12 June 2015. Submissions should be marked ‘Central Credit Register’ and sent to or Central Credit Register, Central Bank of Ireland, Block D, Iveagh Court, Harcourt Road, Dublin 2.

It is intended that submissions will be published on the Central Bank website

Download CP93 Central Credit Register below:-
CP93 Central Credit Register

Download Central Credit Register – FAQs belwo:-
Central Credit Register – FAQs