Anne Marie McKiernan has been appointed Registrar of Credit Unions in the Central Bank of Ireland. Ms McKiernan is currently Head of Risk in the Central Bank. She will be responsible for regulation and supervision of the credit union sector in Ireland and succeeds the current registrar Sharon Donnery who was appointed Director of Credit Institutions in March 2014.

Ms McKiernan will take up her new position on 1 September 2014.

Announcing the appointment, Director of Credit Institutions Sharon Donnery said: ‘I am delighted to announce the appointment of Anne Marie McKiernan as Registrar of Credit Unions. Anne Marie brings a broad range of financial system knowledge and experience to the position along with a strong risk, assurance and economics background.’

Anne Marie joined the Central Bank in 1994 as an economist and her roles included monetary and financial stability policy and international economic analysis. She has held a number of management positions in the Central Bank and has been in her current role for almost four years, where she was responsible for the set-up of the Risk Division, which develops and implements policy and risk frameworks for the Central Bank’s collateralised lending, investment portfolios and financial buffers, and its operational risk and business continuity functions. Prior to that, she oversaw the integration of the Financial Regulator into the Central Bank in 2010 and the development of legislation to enhance financial regulation.

Anne Marie is a member of the European Central Bank’s Risk Management Committee, and a number of high level Central Bank committees, including the Financial Stability Committee and Executive Risk Committee.

Statement 4 July 2014