The Credit Union Managers Association (CUMA) was established in 2002 and is the representative body for professional senior management teams of credit unions in Ireland. 

The association provides its members with various professional development training and networking opportunities wherein they are enabled to share their own credit union experiences, accomplishments, difficulties and best practices with a community of like-minded sector professionals. 

CUMA engage with a wide range of stakeholders and industry professionals in a constant pursuit of excellence in standards of credit union management. We have calendarised engagements with the Central Bank of Ireland, the Department of Finance and other stakeholders and relevant bodies. 

Overall, we remain committed to the enhancement and reform of the credit union sector to ensure we move forward by providing access to high quality training and expert advice.

CUMA Membership Benefits

  • Dedicated and individual membership under the CUMA EAP with Laya Healthcare
  • Access to high quality training and expert advice 
  • Social engagement and networking through CUMA Events
  • Up-to-date information regarding best practice guidance, regulation and legislation
  • Networking opportunities with other members, key service providers and experts
  • Access to knowledge and support in response to any difficulties your credit union may have
  • Customised training specific to your credit union needs
  • Feedback in response to consultations and reports relevant to the sector
  • Regular updates and sectoral news through newsletters, website and social media

Meet the Team

Lisa Stapleton

Lisa Stapleton

Chief Executive Officer .

Suzanne Ryder

Senior Member Services Officer .

CUMA understand the importance of recognising the work and effort that goes into making our high-quality service possible to credit union management teams across Ireland. Without the incredible minds that work behind-the-scenes to make it all possible, we simply would not be who we are today as an organisation.

Our team is comprised of Lisa Stapleton as CEO, Suzanne Ryder as Senior Member Services Officer and a nine-member Board of Directors governing the association, all of whom are credit union CEOs.

Board of Directors
Sean Staunton – Progressive Credit Union Chairperson
Mark Beirne – Savvi Credit Union Vice-Chairperson
Tim Molan – Affinity Credit Union Secretary
Anthony Forde Director
Therese Conway Director
Billy Coyle Director
Anne King Director
Angela Rice Director
Paul Ryan Director